If you answered "yes" to any of the questions to the left, we should talk. 

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, we should talk. 

When It Comes to Logs, You Have Options

  • Are you looking for digital logs & need inexpensive ways to get key logs?
  • * Do you have a digital log subscription but they don’t have the log you are looking for?
  • Do you wish you could get digital strip logs?
  • Are you tired of fighting to download your logs and get them workstation ready?

Divestco's log library features over:

  • 8.6 Million digital logs in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
  • 2.5 Million raster logs in the WCSB
  • 1.4 Million original well file source documents
  • 115,000 Digital Directional Surveys
  • 10,000 digital strip logs in key areas
  • 1,500 North Dakota wells and growing daily

PLUS the fastest, easiest way to find and get the workstation-ready logs you need.

* Even if you already have a subscription with another provider you can talk to us about inexpensive options to get log data the other guys don’t have.

We offer a number of purchasing options guaranteed to fit any budget:

  • Full Subscription:  Either stand alone or as part of a subscription with Divestco’s powerful well and log analysis software, GeoCarta
  • Library Card: Spend $5000 on a library card and get $7500 in logs
  • Area of Interest: Get a bulk discount on all the logs you need in any given area of interest
  • Transactional: If you only need a few logs then you can download just what you need for as low as $12.00/curve

Divestco has been in the digitizing business for 49 years and has digitized the logs of over 100,000 wells in Western Canada and thousands more around the world.

We can get you high quality curves often in 24 hours for $21.50 per curve.  

Still can’t find the log you need? 

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